CLEAN IT – A guide on how to clean your bike

Do you keep your bike as clean as you should? It’s your baby. You want it to run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. So keep it clean. It might seem basic and simple but actually cleaning your bike properly, is not something you ever get shown. So here it is, my step-by-step how to guide – as shown to me by one of my friends who cares for his bikes better than anything or anyone else 😉


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Competition Time – #adventuremore

So, it’s nearly the new year! Now I’m not one for New Year’s Eve or resolutions, why only go out and make resolutions at the beginning of the year?


Yes, it’s a new year, so perhaps time for a new start, a time to reflect on the previous year, BUT don’t get bogged down by this, don’t ever put something off to the new year. Resolutions are great in theory, but are you going to stick to them? Continue reading

The Power of Protein!

It still surprises me the look of shock I often get when I tell people I drink protein shakes. However I know an increasing number of girls I know who work out are using protein shakes, and companies are starting to realise it isn’t just bulking men who use protein and are starting to make protein shakes more appealing to the female customer as well as introducing more protein products.


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Fitmas Gifts

What to buy the “fitty” in your life for Christmas! As a fitness bunny and runner my friends, especially those who don’t run or workout buying a gift for me can be hard. Luckily for a lot of them I am also quite girly and a good nail polish is usually a safe bet! BUT what if you want to buy the “fitty” in your life something a bit different…

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